Bouchard: Blog Post Three

There are so many applications that you can get on your cell phone. Each day they come out with something new and exciting. I can barely remember a time without cells phone and really smart phones. I use my cell phone more than I use my computer. I think if it wasn’t for me doing these classes I would never use my computer.

The application that I chose is Shopsavvy. This is a great application that you can get and when you are out and about shopping can scan barcodes and get prices on the same product at different stores and online. We all want to make sure we are getting the best deal and this application helps us do that.

“The original barcode scanner for Android. Find the best online and local prices.

The 5.0 version our our scanner includes ShopSavvy Wallet. Just add your credit card and you can buy with one ‘slide’ from top retailers like Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble.

The original barcode scanner on Android. Aim the camera at any product’s barcode, wait for the beep and ShopSavvy will provide you with a list of online and local prices.

Gizmodo: “This is one of the best barcode apps for Android.”

ShopSavvy Wallet

Purchase with ease.

Scan a product, tap one of the blue buttons, review your order, and slide to pay. Now ShopSavvy not only has the cheapest prices, but it’s the fastest way to buy on the go.

Improved Searching.

Find products easier.

We’ve enhanced our keyword search feature, improving the quality of our search results as well as adding as-you-type suggestions and “infini-scroll” to help you find what you’re looking for even faster.

ShopSavvy Deals.

Save even more money.

Find new ways to get the things you’ve scanned for even cheaper, learn about coupon codes, rebates, weekend sales and more.

User-Generated Content.

Power to the people.

Ever find a product we don’t have? Use ShopSavvy 5 to add the product, tell us the price you found it for, and even add a photo.

This application is measures its user ratings by having users use the 5 star rating and leave comments on how this application is good and what needs to be improved.

Average rating:



“oldgrowler on February 1, 2012 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus with version 5.0.3)

Was brilliant once.

2 stars

This used to be the best scanning app but has lost its way over time, plus not being able to turn GPS off has made its way back to app.”

“Scott on February 17, 2012 (HTC Evo 4G with version 5.0.3)

Saved $60 on a swiss gear backpack. Saved $150 on a new HP printer …

5 stars

Saved $60 on a swiss gear backpack. Saved $150 on a new HP printer at Staples. Total savings to date over $1K large! Must have!”

Personally I have had no issues with this application. This app had only been good to me in finding deals and very easy to use. It is nice that there are so many ways that you are able to save now and make sure you are finding the best deals without having to do a lot of research and aggravation.


4 responses to “Bouchard: Blog Post Three

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  2. Your blog was interesting to me because I chose a competing app, RedLaser ( – see my blog here ( I looked for comparison reviews and could not find too many from the last year, but there were many from 2+ years ago. I don’t think its fair to use the reviews from several years ago because both apps have brought in new technologies and features, and smart phones are more advanced. So here’s what I found for recent reviews in a nutshell.

    One blogger Franz Dill ( thought ShopSavvy was better and faster than RedLaser, and one YouTube video author also found ShopSavvy to be faster and more efficient once results were in ( Another blogger Ryan Kim ( reviewed the positive aspects of each without making a statement about which was better.

    Overall, I think the jury is out and I’m interested to try both to find out for myself. From a technical perspective, the camera scanning functionality seems to be the major debate, but I wonder if the database of available products might be more of a problem. The YouTube video was a great demonstration of ShopSavvy’s speed, but perhaps the creator picked something he knew would scan faster with ShopSavvy having conducted the experiment before filming. One thing is certain though, ShopSavvy seems to have better built-in functionality to purchase with ease. Personally, I’m not sure I trust my personal credit card info to be stored in an app so I’m not sure this feature would be useful for me. What do you think – is the app secure and would you trust it with your info?


    Dill, F. (2 March 2011). Comparing ShopSavvy and RedLaser barcode readers. Retrieved from

    Kim, R. (16 November 2011). ShopSavvy brings instant scan and buy to mobile shoppers. Retrieved from

    ShopSavvy versus RedLaser Barcode Scanner. (10 March 2011). [Video file]

  3. I like your opening statement because it really brings to life the usefulness and reliability we now have with smart phones. I too believe that in time computers will be rendered useless as our phoens can now do alot of the same functions. There will certainly be business practices that require computers however with the way technology is moving I can see a day where smart phones actually have more capabilities than computers. ShopsavvyWallet is one example where people can now have a better shopping experience and use their phonse in another way they may normally have not. Creating this realibility means there are voids in other technologies.

  4. Kara,
    Your post is informative. After reading your post, I did some research: I learned that one-third of smartphone users use their phones for shopping-related activities! In addition to ShopSavvy, another top shopping app is RedLaser. Both ShopSavvy and RedLaser are praised for allowing users to find an item locally. ShopSavvy exceeds RedLaser because ShopSavvy allows users to read and provide reviews.
    Retrieved from

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